The Criminology Academy

Ep. 9 Career Reflection Series: Success and Failure with Scott Decker

January 4, 2021

This week, we launch our career reflection series and we start by talking to Scott Decker. He reflects back on his career, his successes and more importantly, failure. Scott is a Foundation Professor at Arizona State University. His main research interests are in gangs, policy and violence. He has published in journals such as Criminology, Journal of Criminal Justice and Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Scott is also the co-author of books such as: Life in the Gang and Competing for Control. You can find Scott on Twitter @deckercrime. 


Time Stamps:
(1) Career history and development: 2:15-31:00
(2) Success: 31:00-40:35
(3) Failure: 40:35-1:05:45
(4) Advice from Scott Decker to his younger self: 1:05:45-1:10:00
(5) Current state of criminology + future directions for criminology: 1:10:00-End

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